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Preparing for st valentine's

Updated: Jan 28, 2023

Reggae has some great love songs and some classic interpreters of love music. Reggae is representative of any human culture and songs deal with stories of fidelity, infidelity, gossipers, the faithful and the less so! Just to name a few! The Gabbidon Band is presenting four singers on the 16th Feb 2020 at the Pavilions. Alex Williams as John Holt, Demenus as The Beat, Candice Gabbidon as Amy Winehouse and the Gabbidon Band will be representing UB40. Straight from the show on the 1st Feb we have been back in rehearsal...

Israel was celebrating and brought us all a drink, Cat brought cake and Demenus came down for a late night ska rehearsal. We can't help but remember Ranking Roger at this point. Anyway, if you want to see the set list for this show go and have a look in the EPK section of this website.

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